From the graduate students of Graphic Design:

  1. We stand in complete solidarity with our deeply valued custodians, groundskeepers, and movers, and support their right to fair, living wages.
  2. We will use our access to available resources to produce and disseminate posters, flyers, and other crucial materials created by strikers and student organizers.
  3. We demand that RISD Administration act in concrete accordance with the values of our community, and practice the tenets of equity and inclusion the Institution allegedly supports.

As a collective, we are disappointed in the poor administrative decisions that have brought our education to a standstill and broken our trust. We call for transparent communication that clarifies the process of negotiations and ask that the decision makers come forward and address our community.

With the opening of our Graduate Biennial, in lieu of traditional revelry, we offer our reception as gathering space in support of the needs of the ongoing strike.

Please know that our biennial will also serve as an information hub throughout the duration of the strike. We will be offering printing services daily. All files can be uploaded to this link.

All printed materials will be available at the entrance of the Sol Koffler Gallery for the entire duration of the exhibition. Please spread the word that this space is intended for the larger public to learn of and support the ongoing strike efforts.

Everyone deserves a living wage.

We stand with y’all—

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